Global Gaming Digital Expo: 5 days to go!

Only 5 days to Italy Week, the first appointment of the digital expo dedicated to the sports, esports and global gaming markets, scheduled from 6 to 8 October 2020.

The crisis dictated by the Covid19 pandemic has created quite a few perplexities in companies and delegates belonging to the sports, esport and gambling sectors.

There are many question marks, present and future, that grip the insiders who, with the stop of travel and the postponement of most of the land-based exhibitions, encounter serious difficulties in evaluating ideas to move the market or to structure high-level business.

To try to take stock of the situation and dictate new and interesting guidelines, GLOBAL GAMING DIGITAL EXPO (#GGDE) is born! The first and only online event active all year round!

365 days of virtual exhibits, insights, webinars, news and much more in the company of delegates of sports, eSports, betting, casino, payment and verticals.

We will start from 6 to 8 October 2020 with “Italy Week”, the first official appointment dedicated to one of the oldest gaming markets in the world, the Italian one!

Don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Italian territory; follow our webinars (in Italian with English subtitles), managed by some of the most important delegates in the various sectors involved.

An interesting three day panel program!

We will analyze the history of the game between laws and ideologies currently in force on the territory. We will talk about sports and bets connected to it and the transition from retail to online. But not only that … in fact we will also talk about the world of casinos and its most popular games.

The panel dedicated to one of the games that never ceases to excite and involve millions of users is interesting: Poker!

We will talk about the eSports phenomenon and know what are its cult themes of the moment. The in-depth studies dedicated to problems related to gambling will be very important, in particular to gambling addiction.

There will be analyzes on Covid19 and the effects of the pandemic, in which we will try to make assessments and dictate new ideas and ideas to restart the market.

Watch the complete program here:

Don’t miss our digital exhibition!

There will be some of the largest and most important companies currently protagonists of national and international markets.

Videos, interviews and news will be available to better illustrate their products and services and encourage networking with their delegates.

Through the stands it will be possible to interact with them and contact them through multiple e-mail channels, social networks or internal chat.

Visit our dedicated section here:

Many and other interesting solutions will be presented starting from 6 October! An appointment therefore fixed on Global Gaming Digital Expo. Don’t miss this opportunity, It's free!