Cloudbet Innovates Around UFC 250 With In-Play Betting & Best Prices

Sports gambling has a new home, and it is called Cloudbet. With better odds than most traditional sportsbooks and the usage of bitcoin instead of hard currency, it is the landscape for sports betting changes.

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Since 2013, Cloudbet has been the best online resource for all internet gambling, primarily due to the implementation of the untraceable bitcoin. With Cloudbet, you can bet on sports, play casino games with real money, and even gamble on the outcome of eSports.

And with the best odds, Cloudbet is soaring in popularity.

But what about live fights? Bookies have had their hand on sportsbook betting since the dawn of sports itself, but some nuances and intricacies can make betting on cage fights a little more difficult, right? Not really.

The betting options are narrowed down to knockouts, total knockouts, and what round the fight will end. Anything else is added on the day of the event.

This causes trouble for casinos that rely on hard currency due to international gaming laws. Even European casinos, like the famed Echtgeld Spielautomaten, a German online gambling institution, want to get in on the action. Because of bitcoin, they are resigned to watching Cloudbet take their previously guaranteed money.

How Cloudbet’s Innovation Will Affect the UFC

With the pandemic, Dana White, the UFC owner, has been hurting for opportunities to get his fighters back in the ring and see the fans in the stands. Sports betting offices around the globe miss the usual action when big fight cards would take hold of the populace.

And UFC betting was a huge industry, until COVID. Now, with things starting to change, and new fight virus safety protocols in place, betting sites are warming up again. And these new practices are beginning to get betting operators excited that things are circling back to normal. And with this, the buzz improves, the traffic to betting sites speeds up, and the money starts to flow again.

The UFC, like all sports, relies on the buzz and the subsequent betting. If it didn’t, you would probably still hear about UFC 250 when Amanda Nunez fights Felecia Spencer, but it would be for little more than to sell pay-per-view. With global sports betting, there is a much larger ripple effect that directly corresponds with the amount of money thrown around.

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Will Bitcoin Ruin the Gambling Dynamic?

There are two camps. One likes hard currency. The smell, the texture, the look, and the fact that it is real. The other one likes the anonymity attached to bitcoin. Through a Tor browser, using a VPN, you can buy or sell literally anything on the deep and dark web using bitcoin.

It feels insidious, but the other side of it is the investment property. Bitcoin fluctuates just like the stock market, although it is slightly more stable.

To put it another way, if you wanted to invest, cryptocurrency could be bought in infinitesimal increments and be sold in just as small amounts. However, if you hold on those small amounts, they can grow and become something impressive.

A single bitcoin that used to cost 1000 dollars can be worth 15 times more today. But it is all about timing, just like with stocks.

So, to answer the question. Gambling has always relied on hard currency, but as times change, things evolve, and eventually, bitcoin will be more common than with regular money. And more gambling will be done on the internet through sites like Cloudbet.

The Best Way of Betting on UFC 250

To stay safe and be socially conscious, if you must bet, doing on a secure, bitcoin- based system like Cloudbet is the best way to do it. Bookies are often violent but reliable.

Sportsbooks are open and stable but not violent, so there’s that, but they have rules that must be adhered to; otherwise, even if you win, you still lose. Cloudbet might offer fun opportunities like matched betting and in-play betting, which isn’t an option on most tangible gambling platforms. And, since they have the best odds, calculated down to the most intricate detail, you are more likely to make a sound bet with hard data instead of guessing and luck.

If you want to bet but are afraid of high risk, Cloudbet can be done from the safety of your own home. And you can access it from anywhere, given that you have a Wi-Fi or cell phone signal. There are online bookies, but they will give you odds that get you emotionally charged so that you will make stupid decisions. Do yourself a favor, and stick to the raw data.


Gambling on the UFC can be a lot of fun no matter how you approach it, but remember, if you lose money on a fighter, it is not their fault. You gambled, and you lost.

That is why they call it gambling. And if you can’t afford it, don’t do it. Have you ever bet on a sporting event, and what did you use to place your bet?

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